0 Unrelated (Mana is unrelated to social status.) 14
1 Moderately associated (Mana is associated with social status, but high social status is not necessary in order to be mana or have mana.) 17
2 Tightly coupled (Mana is closely linked to social status – only people with high social status can be mana or have mana.) 7

Mana and social status The word “mana” is used in a number of Austronesian languages to refer either to a natural phenomenon or to a concept connected with spirituality/social influence/technical skill. In the second sense, which is the primary focus of this section, “mana” can be used as a noun, an adjective or a verb. Mana should be coded as present only if the culture in question uses the word “mana” or a cognate to refer to one or more of the meanings described above.

Culture Value Source